ODISEO Network is a blockchain, created on COSMOS SDK enriched with new ODISEO Modules for RWA Due Diligence and machine learning integration with Falcon 180B LLM. The story began in 2020, with a vision of leveraging blockchain technology to address deep RWA market inefficiencies. The global real estate market, a bastion of economic wealth, has traditionally operated within a framework that has prioritized stability over innovation. This has led to entrenched inefficiencies and a notable opacity, creating a landscape where the potential for technological integration and process optimization remains largely untapped. In a world where digital transformation is reshaping industries, the real estate sector's reticence to embrace change has introduced a spectrum of systemic challenges that hamper agility and progress.

The ODISEO Network is born from a strategic collaboration that brings together the expertise of Real Estate Subject Matter Experts, seasoned Business Consultants, and pioneers from the world of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This alliance is poised to dismantle the barriers to modernization by creating a nexus between traditional real estate acumen and the revolutionary potential of decentralized governance.

Going beyond the mere adoption of technology, DAODISEO is a manifesto for change, grounded in a belief that the future of real estate lies in a harmonious blend of reliable data, human like interaction with assets, and a participatory governance model. The Cosmos blockchain technology, with its interoperable SDK, provides the architectural skeleton for this vision. Meanwhile, the Falcon 180B AI serves as the central nervous system, interpreting and managing the intricate layers of data that encapsulate the full breadth of an asset's lifecycle within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) framework.

In our solution BIM methodology is not just an operational tool; it is a transformative force. By embracing a model that captures the intricate details of an asset's lifecycle, DAODISEO facilitates a reimagining of asset development and management. It ensures that from the earliest planning stages to the final phases of development, every decision is informed, every risk is assessed, and the strategic direction is clear and cohesive.

The real estate ecosystem that DAODISEO envisions is one where transparency and efficiency are the cornerstones of every transaction and development project. The indelible nature of blockchain's ledger ensures that trust is not just promised, but inherently delivered. It bridges the historical divide created by asymmetric information and fragmented data standards, paving the way for a future where real estate transactions are as fluid and reliable as those in more digitally mature sectors.

The DAODISEO network's promise extends into the domain of LLMs, where the Falcon 180B not only stores and processes data but anticipates and learns from it, offering predictive insights that redefine asset management. This intelligent interplay between robust data structures and AI analytics is what sets the stage for a truly decentralized Real-World Asset (RWA) development methodology.

Two years later, we acquired large Real Estate Development site in Greece. More than 50.000 M2 of land divided into several plots. ARCADIAN Pilot Real Estate Project was born and the DAODISEO Foundation era began. The first version of ODISEO blockchain & open ledger with several nodes on test net is expected end of Q2 2024. ODIS bonded to our nodes will represents commitment to the process of sustainable value being added to the Real World Asset (RWA) via development process orchestrated via on chain governance and build upon open sources LLM Falcon 180B.

The first incarnation of ODISEO network is expected to allow minting of the Liquid Real Estate Assets on a federated network running the consensus protocol. As much as the Foundation era was about buying Real Estate Assets (ARCADIAN) and develop understanding of crucial technology components required, it was also about building a community and getting people involved in creating unique assets backed blockchain. Our strategy imply a creation of federated blockchain nodes backed by Real Estate Assets to provide a bullet proof trust to our members. DAODISEO has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to a Business and IT Consultants Community.
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SCRAPE: Scalable Randomness Attested by Public Entities

This paper discusses the difficulty of finding a reliable public randomness source that can be trusted to remain unbiased by potential adverse behavior, and a secret-sharing scheme to address the issue.

Ouroboros: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol

The original Ouroboros research paper, outlining the first proof-of-stake blockchain protocol with rigorous security guarantees, as well as a novel reward mechanism for incentivizing honest protocol engagement from the network.

The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol with Chains of Variable Difficulty

A formal analysis of bitcoin’s target recalculation function in the cryptographic setting, extending the q-bounded synchronous model of the bitcoin backbone protocol.

Checking Laws of the Blockchain with Property-Based Testing

A paper covering how to use property-based testing in the context of blockchain protocols, including examples and general descriptions of the laws that blockchain and blockchain-like systems should be expected to satisfy.

A Formal Specification of the Cardano Ledger

A formal specification defining the rules for extending a ledger with transactions, as implemented in the Byron release of the Cardano Ledger.

Specification of the Blockchain Layer

A formal specification that formalizes the definition of a valid block, and what is required for it to be added to the blockchain, in the scope of the Byron era and the transition to the Shelley era of Cardano.