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Trust backed by Real Estate assets

ODISEO is a bulletproof blockchain platform secured by Real Estate assets and long term commitment of development companies who run validator nodes.

Unheard level of transparency

Market participants enjoy unheard level of transparency into Real Estate developments and gain access to secured and reliable information about underlying assets for their decision making process.

Oracles help with price discovery

Oracles provide physical world data about real estate assets, including price bets sent into ODISEO smart contracts.

Let us show you how we do it !

Join an expanding ecosystem of affiliated consultants united by blockchain and connected via smart contracts !

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Discover how ODISEO works and how you can interact with the ecosystem.

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List your Real Estate project, help secure the network and earn rewards.

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Build brand new apps or contribute to existing ODISEO codebase.

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Join crypto’s #DAODISEO community and shape the future of ODISEO